Please read the following with care, failure to comply with our terms or provide the correct information at the time of hire will result in the termination of your reservation.

DRIVER QUALIFICATION (UK / EU license holders)

Drivers must have held a full UK or EU driving license for a minimum of 2 years, be aged between 23 and 80 and have no more than 6 penalty points.

Minibus drivers will require category D1, have 2 years driving experience and must be over 30 years of age.

DRIVER QUALIFICATION (Rest of the world)

We can cater for license holders from Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and Canada without prior clearance from our insurer. Drivers require at least 2 years driving experience and must be over 25 years old and under 75 years old.

Anyone from outside of these territories will need an International Drivers permit to authenticate/supplement the license and to assist in translation. Pre-authorisation will be required to facilitate hire and needs to be done at least 48 hours in advance and is only available Monday - Friday.


Aside from the license we require an additional form of identification which matches the address shown on the license (Utility bill, bank statement, council tax bill etc. If the license does not provide photographic identification then supplementary ID will be required, such as a passport

UK license holders are also required to provide a 'check code' from the DVLA's website (www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence) in order that we can check for penalty points. If you are unable to obtain this we can do it for you providing you know your National Insurance number.

UK license holders that are unable to obtain a check code and don't have access to their National Insurance number may still be able to hire. This requires a call to DVLA's premium rate number of which we charge a flat rate of £5 for. (This service is only available 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturday)


The quoted cost of hire includes: the rental, insurance for one named driver, VAT, breakdown assistance and road fund tax. We do not charge mileage.


A maximum of three drivers can be insured on the vehicle, a one off charge of £10 per additional driver will be levied. Each driver must fulfill the criteria set out in the terms and conditions listed.


While in charge of our vehicles the client is responsible for the following excess. A pre-authorsation (holding deposit) for the same amount will need to be processed on a debit or credit card (this amount can be reduced by taking CDW - Collision Damage Waiver)

Cars - £400

Minibus - £650

This is incase of any damage or loss incurred to the vehicle or any 3rd party property/vehicle.


This is an optional cost and reduces the excess and holding deposit (see above) from:

Cars/MPV's - £400 to £100 at a cost of £7.50 per day.

Minibus from £650 to £100 at a cost of £10 per day.

CDW is to be taken at the customers discretion


As we have a selection of petrol and diesel vehicles your rental assistant will give guidance as to what the vehicle requires on check out, for clarity the fuel type is also marked on the bottom line of your rental agreement.

Fuel is on a 'like-for-like' basis, in other words if you start with 1/4 tank please return the same

There is some give and take in this regard but blatant short fueling will result in fuel costs being recovered from the holding deposit / pre authorised payment.


Payment for the rental may be paid by cash or debit/credit card.

The holding deposit is done via pre-authorisation and must be done by debit/credit card - please be aware that some cards do not allow this type of transaction.

For clarity a pre-authorised payment requires cleared funds, as the amount comes out of your available balance. As this is a banking process the funds take 10 working days to clear back to the account from the moment they are taken.

Should the hire period exceed 10 workings days the holding deposit may be taken as a clear funds payment and refunded on retun of the vehicle.

We take a 50% deposit on advance bookings, this is none refundable as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014).